American Survival Guide (August 2015)


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An informative resource for either the energetic open air fanatic, who frequently enjoys searching, tenting, fishing, or participates in different outdoors actions, and for the amateur adventurer seeking to extend their outdoors wisdom.

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WHERE TO STORE WATER One of the largest problems with storing water, aside from making it potable, is the physical space limitations a lot of people might have. As mentioned earlier, 70 gallons is a twoweek supply for a family of five, and there are many ways to make that possible. Store-Bought Water Bottles: An inexpensive route would be to buy many cases of store-bought water. 2 gallons, meaning you would need 22 cases of water. At about $4 each, it’s about $90. However, theories and arguments abound about whether or not plastic bottles are safe to keep long-term (see sidebar).

Make sure the containers moment the water runs out, great for tight spaces and are you use to store water for long term are BPA-free. However, the you’ve gone from a serious siteasily transportable. truth of the matter is this: If you’re thirsty enough, you’ll boil Water Barrels: A great soluuation to a dire emergency. In rainwater found in the gutter or squeeze it out of a raintion if you have the space is to planning your emergency cache, soaked towel before succumbing to dehydration. You can incorporate 55-gallon plastic not enough effort can be spent choose: Die from thirst or drink water that may cause drums into your emergency cache on water storage solutions.

There’s no need to pull the entire plant if you only need a few leaves for your meal. Herbs like basil, parsley and rosemary can be grown in pots on your back step, and best of all, they can be portable if you have to relocate. (right) You will soon discover that many vegetables grow very easily in less than idea conditions, especially tomatoes. sunshine each day. If you’ll be using a garden hose or a watering can for irrigation, choose a spot that’s easy to access. In arid climates, you may need to water daily, so make it easy to do.

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