All-purpose Offenses for Men's and Women's Basketball (Art & by Harry L.Mike Harkins, Jerry Krause By Harry L.Mike Harkins, Jerry Krause

Booklet by way of Harkins, Harry L.Mike, Krause, Jerry

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This forms a new double stack. When it opens up, (5) chooses to pass to (4). This keys (2) to move up to the high post area and screen for (5). (5)'s dribble toward (4)'s side of the lane also tells (2) to move to the high post. See Diagrams 2-7 and 2-8. Diagram 2-7 Strongside High Post Diagram 2-8 UCLA Slash (2) then pops out front to receive a pass from (4). From there, the UCLA phase is followed by the shuffle phase. See Diagrams 2-9 and 2-10. Diagram 2-9 Pop Cut Diagram 2-10 Shuffle 1, 2 Restarting Without the UCLA Phase This time after (5) receives the pass from (1) and the stack opens up, (5) makes the entry pass (as to (4) in Diagram 2-11) but does not make the slash cut.

2) then screens down for (3) as (1) pops out of (5)'s downscreen on the other side. See Diagram 2-28. Diagram 2-27 UCLA Double Slash Cut Diagram 2-28 Pop Cuts This concludes a UCLA-type phase and it is followed by the shuffle phase. In Diagram 2-29, (4) passes to (1), (5) clears across the lane under (2), and the shuffle cuts by (3) and (2) follow. Diagram 2-29 Shuffle 1, 2 Page 35 The Fake Outside Cut One of UCLA's famous plays is the outside cut lob play. This play is an offshoot of it. Diagram 2-30 shows (1) passing to (2), and making an outside cut.

If (1) does not have a shot, (1) returns the ball out front to (5), and a new play sequence may be keyed. In Diagram 2-37, (5) keys an overload play on the other side by passing to (2) and slashing through to the ballside corner or short corner. Diagram 2-36 Screen Down Diagram 2-37 Slash to Overload The Triangle Play The overload play tested the zone's perimeter, and the triangle play will now test its interior. Diagram 2-38 shows (1) pass to (2) and slash off (4). But this time, (1) cuts to the ballside low post (instead of the ballside corner).

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