Advances in Wool Technology by N A G Johnson, I Russell

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Complicated study into wool technology and expertise is resulting in a greater realizing of the homes of wool. Wool is more and more being obvious as a excessive functionality fibre, with new changes and purposes. Advances in wool expertise provides a accomplished account of those advancements and suggestions. half one comprises advances that experience happened within the construction and processing of wool. subject matters variety from the growth in wool spinning, weaving and colouration, to environmental offer chain administration and to the function of genetic engineering in better wool creation. half experiences new wool items and purposes. Chapters comprise the construction of brighter and whiter wool, excessive functionality wool blends and wool for attire. With its exclusive editors and array of foreign members, this publication could be a precious reference for manufacturers, brands, outlets and all these wishing to enhance and comprehend advancements in wool expertise. it's going to even be appropriate for researchers in or academia.

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These meetings, attended by some 300 delegates, provide the forum for the various committees established by IWTO to conduct their business, and for discussion and exchange between members on issues © 2009 Woodhead Publishing Limited 32 Advances in wool technology of interest to the industry, thereby making it possible to adopt convergent positions to overcome specific problems. The meetings are structured around technical and commercial streams, allowing contributions from metrologists to be reviewed by the commercial players and vice versa.

JAY, N. , GOURLEY, T. , KAY, G. , and DAMAK, S. (1998). Wool production in transgenic sheep: results from first-generation adults and second-generation lambs. Anim Biotechnol 9, 135–147. , and TAKEUCHI, T. (1992). Expression of tyrosinase gene in transgenic albino mice: the heritable patterned coat colors. Pigment Cell Res 5, 300–303. WARD, K. A. (1994). Preventing hair loss in the mouse. Nature 371, 563–564. WARD, K. A. (2000). Transgene-mediated modifications to animal biochemistry. Trends Biotechnol 18, 99–102.

Strategies of this kind were initiated by CSIRO within the CRC for Premium Quality Wool but ceased on closure of the CRC. , 2005; Tanaka and Takeuchi, 1992). Studies to reduce the expression of © 2009 Woodhead Publishing Limited Improvement of wool production through genetic manipulation 19 the tyrosinase gene in the melanin pathway by utilising anti-sense mRNAs were initiated by CSIRO during the life of the CRC for Premium Quality Wool. Since that time the discovery of microRNAs that are normally used by cells to regulate genes (Scherr and Eder, 2007) provides more tools for investigating the dark fibre problem.

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