Advanced Magic: BESM D20 Supplement by David Lyons, Michelle Lyons

here By David Lyons, Michelle Lyons

Complex d20 Magic offers avid gamers with a balanced, subtle magic procedure for d20 procedure role-playing video games (including BESM d20). The e-book offers whole principles for a skill-based magic procedure, directions on tips to correctly convert conventional d20 spells to be used with the complicated procedure, and 1000s of switched over and new spells for simple use.

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A spellcaster can only query about the same set of events one time in any given scene. All answers during that scene will default to the initial response. If the augury succeeds, you get one of four results: weal (if the action will probably bring good results), woe (for bad results), weal and woe (for both), or nothing (for actions that don’t have especially good or bad results). ADVANCED d20 MAGIC AWAKEN TRANSMUTATION CASTING DC: # OF SLOTS: RANGE: TARGET: DURATION: SAVING THROW: SPELL RESISTANCE: ~B~ BALEFUL POLYMORPH TRANSMUTATION CASTING DC: # OF SLOTS: RANGE: TARGET: DURATION: SAVING THROW: SPELL RESISTANCE: 38 2 Close (25 ft.

It’s not balanced because the penalties associated with it (long casting time in this case) were simply dropped. To adjust this, we increase the base DC of that spell so that when it is cast with a 10-minute Ritual (its normal casting time), it has an effective DC of 48. That is, 58 - 10 = 48. When a spellcaster casts this spell using a 10-minute ritual the +10 bonus to his or her roll offsets the higher DC of the spell, making it about as difficult as any other 8th-Level spell. The advantage of this is that the spell no longer has to be balanced via a 10-minute Ritual.

Solid barriers block its passage, but it can pass through a hole or space as small as 1 inch in diameter. It cannot pass into another plane or dimension. 39 ADVANCED d20 MAGIC ARCANE LOCK ASTRAL PROJECTION ABJURATION CASTING DC: # OF SLOTS: RANGE: TARGET: NECROMANCY CASTING DC: # OF SLOTS: RANGE: TARGETS: 26 1 Touch The door, chest, or portal touched, up to 30 sq. /Caster Level in size DURATION: Permanent SAVING THROW: None SPELL RESISTANCE: No An arcane lock spell cast upon a door, chest, or portal magically locks it for everyone except the caster.

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