A Promise for Ellie by Lauraine Snelling


By Lauraine Snelling

Ellie Wold cannot wait to graduate from highschool. She and Andrew Bjorklund were ready to get married since...well, because ceaselessly, and in June they're going to eventually wed. whilst Andrew broadcasts they need to put off the marriage, she's disenchanted yet takes it in stride--there has to be an exceptional cause, or Andrew's pa would not ask it of them.But Andrew is offended and cannot comprehend why Ellie isn't really disappointed too, specifically while they would been making plans to "marry up" ever given that they have been in grade tuition. Disgruntled, he works out his frustration in obdurate decision to complete development their barn and mail-order residence, operating himself to exhaustion. yet simply while the recent home is approximately entire, an unthinkable tragedy happens. Throwing apart the vow he made to Ellie, Andrew seeks revenge...As their plans get to the bottom of, it seems like their love would possibly not survive.Is this the tip in their dream?(Daughters of Blessing publication 1)

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Ah, but she is carrying my first grandchild, and surely that gives me some kind of reason for my concern. ” Elizabeth opened her eyes and smiled. “And yes, I know I should. Especially after we lost the first one. ” She rocked gently. “But I’ve so often wondered, was it a boy or girl? ” Ingeborg paused in turning the loaves out of the pans and onto a wooden rack so they could air. ” “What I read in the Old Testament was about a vengeful God, but in the New Testament Jesus said His Father is love and that whoever has seen Him has seen the Father.

Come on, let’s hurry. ” “You go on ahead. ” Ellie gave her the mail and a swat on the bottom. ” She arched her eyebrows. “Why, Mr. Whatchamacallit, did you know that Rachel used to chew her fingernails and her braids too? Why, I remember when . ” Rachel hooted and took off up the street. ” Ellie shook her head. Why not let the whole world know their private business? She took the envelope from her pocket and stared at the handwriting. Andrew, so big and strong yet gentle and kind. A warmth started in her middle and curled lazily up to set her heart to thudding.

She reached up and kissed his cheek. ” He shrugged into his shirt. “Me’n Ellie—we’ll be right here. ” He waved and headed for the door, only to have it pushed open before he reached for the handle. Stepping back, he groaned inside. ” Toby Valders took a step back and gave a half bow. ” Andrew kept a smile on his face with sheer effort. Why did Toby always have to say something that set Andrew’s teeth on edge? “Ah, a bit surly today. ” Toby’s dark eyes narrowed slightly. While Toby had never gained the height of the Bjorklund boys, he had filled out in the chest and shoulders since he left school.

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