A History of Counterinsurgency [2 volumes] by Gregory Fremont-Barnes

buy a cause and effect essay By Gregory Fremont-Barnes

This two-volume historical past of counterinsurgency covers all of the significant and plenty of of the lesser identified examples of this common and enduring kind of clash, addressing many of the measures hired within the try and conquer the insurgency and interpreting the contributors and organisations chargeable for every thing from counterterrorism to infrastructure building.

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Many tents have more occupants. . 16 The numerous occupants, moreover, had to share inadequate rations. A few days later Hobhouse discovered “. . a girl of twenty-one lay dying on a stretcher. ” 17 Hobhouse moved on to inspect other camps, including Norval’s Pont, Aliwal North, Springfontein, Kimberley, and Mafeking. Almost everywhere she encountered squalid conditions, varying according to the location of the camp; availability of food, water, and fuel; the attitude and abilities of the commandant; and a host of other factors.

The people thought we had called for refreshments, and one of the women went to get milk. Then we had to tell them that we had come to burn the place down. 9 Such destruction began on a relatively small scale, Kitchener reporting in February 1901 the burning of 256 farms in the Transvaal and 353 in the Orange Free State,10 but by the end of the war approximately 30,000 farmsteads had been reduced to ashes and many villages entirely destroyed by fire, prompting Ramsay MacDonald, a British politician who visited Lindley in the Free State shortly after the end of hostilities, to observe grimly: It was as though I had slept among ancient ruins of the desert.

The Boers] are all around and about us like water round a ship, parting before our bows and reuniting round our stern. ”5 Kitchener summed up the situation to William St. John Brodrick, secretary of state for war, thus: The difficulties of the present situation out here are that we have to protect very long lines of railway & road and supply garrisons to the many towns & villages that have been occupied all over the country whilst the mobile columns we have in the field are principally taken up in escorting supplies to the various garrisons.

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