A Course in Complex Analysis and Riemann Surfaces by Wilhelm Schlag

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By Wilhelm Schlag

Advanced research is a cornerstone of arithmetic, making it an important portion of any sector of research in graduate arithmetic. Schlag's remedy of the topic emphasizes the intuitive geometric underpinnings of straightforward complicated research that evidently bring about the idea of Riemann surfaces. The publication starts with an exposition of the fundamental idea of holomorphic features of 1 complicated variable. the 1st chapters represent a reasonably fast, yet entire path in complicated research. The 3rd bankruptcy is dedicated to the learn of harmonic services at the disk and the half-plane, with an emphasis at the Dirichlet challenge. beginning with the fourth bankruptcy, the idea of Riemann surfaces is built in a few aspect and with entire rigor. From the start, the geometric points are emphasised and classical themes comparable to elliptic features and elliptic integrals are provided as illustrations of the summary idea. The exact position of compact Riemann surfaces is defined, and their reference to algebraic equations is tested. The booklet concludes with 3 chapters dedicated to 3 significant effects: the Hodge decomposition theorem, the Riemann-Roch theorem, and the uniformization theorem. those chapters current the center technical equipment of Riemann floor idea at this point. this article is meant as a reasonably unique, but fast paced intermediate creation to these elements of the idea of 1 complicated variable that appear most precious in different parts of arithmetic, together with geometric crew concept, dynamics, algebraic geometry, quantity idea, and practical research. greater than seventy figures serve to demonstrate thoughts and ideas, and the numerous difficulties on the finish of every bankruptcy provide the reader abundant chance for perform and autonomous examine.

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The second statement is an immediate consequence of the first and the fact that for any three distinct points z 1 , z2 , z3 E JR, a fourth point zo has a real-valued cross ratio with these three if and only if zo E D Lemma 1 . 12 . ::; ::; oo , o oo. JR. It is evident what symmetry of two points relative to a line means: they are reflections of each other relative to the line. While it is less evident what symmetry relative to a circle of finite radius means, the cross ratio allows for a reduction to the case of lines.

A line is given by an equation Re(zzo) = a, which transforms into 2Re(zow) = al w l 2 . If a = 0, then we obtain another line through the origin. Otherwise, we obtain the equation l w - zo/ al 2 = l zo/al 2 which is a circle. 2 An alternative argument invokes the Riemann sphere and uses the fact that stereographic projection preserves circles; see the problem section. In­ deed, note that the inversion t---7 � corresponds to a rotation of the Riemann sphere about the x 1 axis (the real axis of the plane) .

Geodesics i n the hyperbolic plane 1. 5 . The hyperbolic plane and the Poincare disk Mobius transformations are important for several reasons. We now present a connection to geometry, which can be skipped on first reading. It requires familiarity with basic notions of Riemannian manifolds, such as metrics, isometry group, and geodesics. In the 19th century there was much ex­ citement surrounding non-Euclidean geometry and there is an important connection between Mobius transformations and hyperbolic geometry: the isometries of the hyperbolic plane Ilil are precisely those Mobius transfor­ mations which preserve it.

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